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Fiver's Support Bad Experience for 2 years seller

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Hello , First of all i'm from egypt and i was using vpn sometimes due to there's a lot of resrticted and blocked websites and valorant's voice chat blocked in my country i have to use a vpn so i can use voicechat on valorant and it was automatically opened in the background (sometimes not always)
So Because of that my account got flagged and my level 1 seller got removed from me (your account has been flagged due to location inconsistencies or other activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service. Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted.) ! Really !! is that how u deal with ur sellers you punish him for something that he wasn't mean to do ! during my 2 years on fiver i didn't do anything wrong ! so at least give me a warning not flagging my whole account and i'm getting 2 orders per month from repeat clients since the flagging i was getting 40 orders per month before this so my profile is destroyed and my career on fiver is done
i have sent 50 support ticket but it looks like i'm talking with robots if u just think about it for a second why i would even open vpn on fiver it was my only account i have and i have never got banned or something
it's so sad

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