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Fiverr terminating my account



I have used Fiverr for years, almost since the service launched. I only started selling somewhat recently. I've had nothing but positive experiences and feedback on all my work. I've never had an issue with Fiverr and never received a warning. I simply do the gigs to the best of my ability.

I'm a programmer focusing on Twitch and YouTube, with expertise in Python and C#. I design whatever is asked of me by clients, as long as I can meet their needs. I've had one bad customer. One singular bad customer who decided they didn’t want to pay and reported my account to get a cancellation. Fiverr immediately decided that despite my years of service, my account now violates community standards. 

They only finally told me this after weeks of me waiting for an answer on their review and reaching back out. They came back with that answer in 20 minutes. What community standard I violated, they don't say. They simply say to open a ticket if you disagree and pretty much say "nu-uh". They ignored the screenshots of the buyer threatening this, and they deny the screenshots of the interaction. This is utterly repulsive behavior from a company towards their sellers.

Is there literally no recourse for this?

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