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My account got a fake feedback boost violation, and customer support is not helping at all.

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Hi, My name is Yousaf and I am a level 1 seller at fiverr, A few days ago, after a whole complete year, my gig started to rank and I was seeing some good progress and then I got a feedback boost violation , about which customer support told me, that I have a fake order in my orders. 

Buyer accout for that order was from USA, I did my work submitted all of my reports, during the order and after the completion of order also submitted images of the results, but then fiverr said no you have this make order. I have been trying to contact customer support, I have talked to 3 persons from customer Fiverr support, 1 of them was even a supervisor but what I am getting in replies looks like some sort of AI generated responses.

Customer support have been saying again and again our team has analysed and this and that. But what are the basis for this accusation? And even they are not replying any sooner ! They nned to resolve this issue as soon as you can because it is heavily effecting my account its getting de-ranked for something I haven't even done ? Three days before yesterday I got 1500+ impressions the two days before yesterday they were 1000 and day before yesterday they were just 600. Why are they doing like this ? Either give me a proof or else remove this violation kindly !image.png.c487c3cc4f6ed9b37fb4923b1621a1f1.png

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