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How to maximize your chances and get your site listed in DMOZ


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Hey guys, a few tips for maximizing your chances of getting your site listed in DMOZ.

First thing to remember is that this is a Directory for surfers and not businesses. Therefore before you submit your website, think if it adds value to the user experience. If not, chances are your site will never get listed.

More than 60% of the submissions are in the wrong category. Research the best category for you. Try to find the most suitable. Do not submit to very broad categories to avoid waiting for an editor to find it and place it to the right one.

At the bottom of the page you will see if there is an editor for the particular category we target. Submissions to categories having an active editor will be reviewed much faster!

Research your competition. Check if their websites exist in DMOZ. Identify the categories they belong and think if you could add your website there.

Be very cautious with your title and description. Avoid catchy marketing phrases or exaggerations (we are the best business in our niche etc…).

Good luck to all 🙂



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Focusing on a specific directory is just silly. There is plenty of high value niche’ directories that can result in far better results with the right kind of page. Not to say this isn’t a good directory to focus on, but diversifying a bit is always a good idea. Anyways, thanks for the info 🙂

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