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Fiverr Success Score stuck at 4

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FIRST ISSUE: From the introduction of this new system in mid-February, I have received over 190 five-star reviews.

  • I have a conversion rate of 80%, which is better than 99% of sellers in my sub-category.
  • My last negative review was 11 months ago.
  • ZERO order cancellation, Amazing Upsells, 100% On-time delivery, 100% response
  • My return client score is 99, with a 20% tip frequency.
  • I communicate so well with my clients that they usually select all 14 options when writing a five-star review.
  • My team and I always respond within 5-10 minutes.
  • All revisions and deliveries are completed within 6-12 hours.
  • Our clients frequently express their satisfaction with comments like "I love the design," "I like it," "it is amazing," and "OMG."

Despite these positive metrics, my Success Score has remained at 4 from day one. This seems to be a clear glitch.

I have over 228 completed orders in the Year 2024 but my New orders count is ZERO, now this is a clear Glitch (see attached)

I'm having an issue with my Average Selling Price, it is over $70 when I calculate it and it is visible to my Success Manager but on my End it $42. I added this 10 months ago and @fiverrsuppport has been working on it for the last 10 Months and couldn't resolve this issue.

Fiverr has so many issues out of which we can see 4-5 in our profile and their technical team cannot resolve the issue or they don't take this like an urgent matter. It is a point of Frustration for me after dealing with Fiverr Customer Support for months and I couldn't find Fiverr Customer Support helpful in these cases. I hope these issues get resolved soon.@Lena

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1 hour ago, ch6k0r said:

Same here, no matter how much I've performed well the score is stuck at 4.
It seems that people with a score of 4 are facing this more than others.

yeah that's true. Don't know how the system works or is there bugs! If this is the correct system then Fiverr can't retain sellers because this is really frustrating that after performing outstanding for months, the score doesn't fluctuated even a single point. So sellers will definitely try other media to work with instead of Fiverr

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