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22 minutes ago, patrickola said:

Fiverr flagged my account and claimed reason was due to 'Location Inconsistency' but I am certain that I have never travelled out of my country. Can anyone please explain why

Are you using your account only at home? Did you check your Fiverr account on your phone while in a mall or when you were hooked up to a public Wi-Fi anywhere in your city? Because if anyone does the same, it might appear to Fiverr that multiple accounts are used on the same IP. It might be one of the reasons 🙂 

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5 hours ago, patrickola said:

But then, I don't think this is enough reason otherwise, it's insane

If someone from the office also logs in to Fiverr from that IP, it will appear that you have 2 accounts. They can't know it's an office, they judge by IP.

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