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Stop the mandatory negative feedback when cancelling a late delivery order

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So, here’s what happened…

I purchased a gig. The seller never responded and it went into late delivery. It was like that for a couple of days. Prominently on the order it said to cancel it to just get my money back. I did. Then Fiverr left that “Seller failed to deliver on time!” negative.

First, if Fiverr would like to leave negative feedback I think they should do it under their name. They can sign it sincerely Fiverr Admin. 🙂 I don’t want my name on it, I didn’t write that comment. Why should I feel forced to do that just to get my money returned?

So anyway, three days after that happened, the seller contacts me. She apologizes profusely. She asked me to please feel free to order again, and that she had relied on a email notification from Fiverr to say she got an order, but she never received it. It made me feel awful. I tried to explain too that I didn’t leave that feedback, it was Fiverr admin that did. I guess what bothered me so much was that she seemed like a nice lady, and if I could have just cancelled without leaving feedback, I definitely would have done that instead. I just wanted to get my money back. About 24 hrs ago I put in a ticket telling them how I feel, asking them to remove the feedback. They haven’t responded yet.

I’m not trying to say buyers should or should not give negative feedback. What I do believe is that buyers should have that choice and not feel like they HAVE to in order to get their money back. Also, any feedback buyers leave should be in their own words (if it’s in Fiverr’s words they need to sign it). I hope that makes sense.

Instead of having no delivery with no response reflected on feedback, I think it should be handled differently? Maybe some type of point system, where if you reach a certain point Fiverr admins will look at your account?

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madmoo said: Reply to @typingservice: that's good news (and good of you to be so understanding).


It's the same (regarding putting words into a buyer's mouth) with the stars system - if they click on 5 stars but don't write anything, you'll see 'outstanding service'. I like to think I provide an outstanding service, but rather than feeling really happy when I see that, it has the opposite effect - I think that the buyer simply couldn't be bothered to write anything and so I respond with just 'thanks'.


I agree. It seems kind of impersonal if they don't even elaborate more on why they liked your service. I'm still thankful if they give a 5, and yet I'll wonder if they're truly happy when they do that.


kjblynx said: I personally would like it if the buyer who cancels after the delivery time has expired had the option to turn off the negative feedback.


Right. When you first start out buying on Fiverr, in that situation, you aren't even aware you're leaving a neg. It's just if you happen to go back and check the feedback and discover - it's like, "uh oh, what happened? I didn't write that!" :) If they gave you the choice, then you should know. I think many buyers would opt to just move on.



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