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Writing, Creative Writing and the "Ghost Writing"


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The food for a writer, in any form and format, remains the words crafted through a focused mind. In our age, the debate in recent years has centered around AI and human experience, with no end in sight. 

As a writer, the AI generated content may feel as if an invasion of planet Earth by Aliens from Mars, aboard a strange space ship. However, on a rationale side, repetitive work being taken care of by "machines" will enable more quality inputs from human's, in near future. Rest, AI cutting into writers share is something which impact my "purse" as well, and i surely don't enjoy it. 

Amongst all these, a debate which should have focused on best practices, conscience and justice in writing has certainly taken a back stage. For instance "Ghost Writing". Don't confuse yourself by Ghost Writing being an act of vanishing, towards the end of the project by the original writer or contributor. Rather, the best way to describe it as an "intellectual dishonesty", where both the buyer and seller share equal penalty. 


The former, for seeking a service without the will to associate original contribution whereas the seller for being unfaithful to his work, enabling someone to associate him or herself with a work which has no footprints of the buyer. In short, being accomplice to a deceit if it does not sound too harsh. 

Just as you are filtered for sharing personal details or contracts by AI tools at Fiverr, the listing of "Ghost Writer" rather than a contributor, coach or patron to a work needs to be curtailed for genuine content to flow unhindered. 


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