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Fiverr on Chrome High CPU Usage



Hi there, I've been having this issue for month now and could not fix it on my end.
I am running on windows 11 with all the latest updates and in chrome when I have Fiverr open it takes up 20% or more of my CPU (i7 8700k). This only happens with Fiverr and no other website. For example the entire load without it is 4% and then if I only open 1 Fiverr tab it goes up to 20% and if more are open it goes progressively higher. 

I've tried a clean Chrome reinstall, using edge, nothing worked. 

Anyone else has this issue?

Thank you,

screenshot.2024-05-19 (2).jpg

screenshot.2024-05-19 (4).jpg

screenshot.2024-05-19 (5).jpg

screenshot.2024-05-19 (6).jpg

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