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Need Help with Organizing 87,000 words of notes for novel



I accumulated a lot of notes over time for a novel (87,000 words). I want to pay someone with experience in writing fiction to help organize those notes in a Word document or some type of document to make my life a lot easier (also to remove redundant info). There are AI tools out there to make these tasks easier, but they usually only take a few thousand words at a time. All my notes are in one Word document right now.

ChatGPT recommended that I post a job on Upwork or Fiverr. What do you suggest? This is an important step for my second novel. I had already begun organizing the content into different headings and sub-headings, but the task became too intense lol.

My second novel has a lot of dark humour and is intense political satire (left-wing views). 

I wonder if there is a powerful AI that exists out there.

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