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Should you nursing you GIG properly or Not??

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  • Optimize your gig first, Like proper keyword and title
  • Check on your gig that any tag have been missed or not.
  • Nursing your GIG like offering competitive price
  • Stay online

Hope that is going to help you.

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3 hours ago, tech_bd2 said:

Yes, Definitely. For nursing your GIG you have to follow some step that I'm going to share

  • Stay Online
  • After Publishing a GIG, Give it 21 days to wait, and see how it's impression and clicks occurred
  • Daily visit your GIG
  • Marketing your GIG by fiverr recommendation
  • If anyone finds you or knock you for your service then don't be late, Try to communicate ASAP

After 21 Days, check your impression and clicks. If they are low then delete your gig and publish it with more wanted keywords and attractive thumbnails too.

Thank You

What kind of joke is this?

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