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Affiliate, buyer and seller

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I started as an affiliate in January 2024 -- as of right now, I have 566 registrations under my account (actively increasing daily); 1 FTB registering a commission (from Namibia) but expecting a lot more over time.

I have found it very interesting that the overwhelming majority of new signups are from Africa and spanning the entire Asian continent. I am prospecting everywhere globally, except for a few markets restricted by international sanctions. So far, 58 countries and territories are represented in these signups. It is my understanding that about 50% of Fiverr's business has traditionally been from North America, but if my experience is typical, that face looks to be changing quickly.

The Top 10 countries, representing 70% of my signups are:

Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates


As a buyer, I have dealt successfully with sellers from Sri Lanka and France.

As a seller, well - just started marketing my gigs seriously toward the end of February -- so it remains to be seen where the genuine interest comes from. 😉 


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A followup to this original post...

I am now up to 669 registrations, as an affiliate. Overwhelmingly, these new registrations are from Asian and African countries.

I had a recent conversation with affiliate support about finding more FTB, which actually generate commission for affiliates. They told me that most of the FTB still come from North America, UK, Australia, Israel and various continental European countries...and that they would expect most of the Asian and African origin accounts to be sellers.

I have tailored my targeting to the country list they provided for me --although I am still getting an large number of my registrations from Asia and Africa -- some expected and some "very exotic" countries of origin.

The FTB I have originating from Namibia is apparently quite a rarity in comparison. 

I have also noticed that now that I have been on Fiverr for a few months, the number of scam emails I get has dropped to zero for the past couple of weeks, anyway. I hope that's a good sign ;).




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