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I think the latest level system is unfair. Fiverr should come up with a solution



I believe that the current system level is unfair. I've been on Fiverr for over 2 years and generated a lot of commission for Fiverr, but why do sellers always end up disadvantaged?

I have contacted Fiverr's customer support and they mentioned a 'location inconsistency' issue. I asked them to provide proof, but they couldn't. Now they're saying that my account is connected to my old disabled account.

The questions are:
1. If you have a deactivated account because it's connected to a new account, is that wrong? Since Fiverr's terms expect us to have only one account, I deactivated my old account and focused on the new one.
2. Assuming your old account is disabled, are you not allowed to create a new account? So once your account is disabled, you can't join Fiverr again and have to switch to another platform?
3. If the payment data used is the same as the old deactivated account, is that not allowed? Because we only have one payment gateway, for example, PayPal?

What do you think, fellow sellers on Fiverr? Fiverr demands a 20% commission from us, but their focus seems to be only on money and they don't pay attention to sellers at all. Business can indeed be cruel.


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4 hours ago, safoire said:

I deactivated my old account and focused on the new one.

That's completely wrong to ban someone on the basis of this point (if it's the actual reason). Fiverr itself says that you can close your existing account and create a new one (on the help center page of changing username topic), so deactivating your account yourself and reopening a new account doesn't go against the Fiverr TOS at all. https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011329498-Account-and-profile-settings

Either the AI algorithm is the culprit behind this flag, misunderstanding the whole scenario that the account was deactivated by you (and not Fiverr staff) --- or maybe there's another reason that Fiverr customer support is not telling you (or maybe they themselves don't know what the AI algorithm is doing with thousands of those data points). The system is flawed in so many different ways!

Try reaching customer support one more time explaining to them that the account was not 'disabled due to any TOS warning', instead it was deactivated by you of your own will.

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