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Publish Gig Button not working



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Very warm welcome to Fiverr community.

It feels very frustrating when you've completed all the details and tried different browsers and cache clearance, however I try share some more steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Ensure Fiverr's systems are operational and not experiencing technical issues and you have written your gig to meet fiver guideline.
2. Confirm your account is active and not suspended or limited.
3. Double-check that your gig meets Fiverr's requirements, including formatting, images, and descriptions.
4. Disable any browser extensions that might interfere with Fiverr's functionality.
5. Try using incognito mode in your browser to rule out any browser-related issues.
6. Reach out to Fiverr's support team directly, providing detailed information about the issue, including screenshots and steps taken so far.
7. If possible, attempt to publish the gig from a different device to isolate the issue.

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