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Fast guaranteed revenue success tips - for beginners to intermediate


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I want to introduce this ‘tool’. It’s a tool which connects people worldwide, a tool which literally makes dreams become reality… And yes this tool is free of charge, actually, you get paid for doing what you love most. Now this tool is not your regular household tool. It has it’s own name. A name which millions recognize and trust called FIVERR.

I can tell you that the most commonly asked question is how to I make money on Fiverr. Well let’s go through step by step to insure that you know exactly what to do.

Well the ‘tool’ is open for everyone–and all their ideas. So you are never limited. There are people who sing in the jungle, others create dynamic videos…it’s your passion next to the create gig button.

The question that is always asked is answered by–really a few short things.

  1. Gig description must be catchy, professionally written and attracting.
  2. Gig image cover must be high quality, clean, elegant and to the point.
  3. Profile text must be attractive and well written, after all you must communicate in English with your future buyer.
  4. Videos are preferred, it shows you took the time for your gig, often resulting in greater sales.

    If you have followed all the above correctly you are guaranteed increased messaging. Take the time to correct any mistakes and improving your English. Trust me it’s worthwhile. Take the time in creating a better gig image - high quality and attractive.

    Invest in your profile (all the above 4) and you’ll see results.

    Happy fiverring, and yes I do enjoy your stories!

  • Joe


    You must sell yourself to your buyer, the same way you want your buyer to find you, you must make the buyer find you! Creating a catchy cover and title your gig extraordinary you’ll make more impressions and hopefully more sales!
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Guest mohsinraza50

Yes that is really helpful. I read such instructions somewhere else on the internet, followed them to the letter and now WITHOUT ANY PROMOTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA I have managed to get 11 orders within first 24 days. Quite happy. 🙂

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