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Huge Drop in sals after Fiverr upaded into version 3


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Hi Friends,

I am a level 2 seller with good positive feedback. I had few gigs but one of my gig was getting good amount of orders so for that i had to pause the other gigs to better serve my clients with quality works and communicating my clients. My other gigs were paused around 4 months ago but hadn’t effect to my running gigs. Everything was running fine.

But recently fiverr updated into version 3 and after that i am experiencing a sudden Drop of sales. Now its almost 0 of orders i am getting wheres i was getting around 5 orders in each day!

Most importantly after the fiverr updated into version 3 my gig is no where in my tags/keywords!!I am really afraid!

Is there anyone experiencing the same? What is your suggestion to overcome to this problem?

Will be happy to have a good suggestion from you


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