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Tips and Tricks to beat Success Score AI

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I'm sure we have all heard it over and over again, especially recently:

"My buyers all give me 5 star reviews"
"I get a lot of tips"
"My clients all say they love me"
"The success score is broken" ⬅️ This one is true
"Why won't my success score reflect what my customers share"

According to Fiverr, happy clients are not enough to save your success score from getting the c**p beat out of it. I wanted to start a thread asking other users: How did you overcome a low success score.

I'm in that "slump" where I get really good reviews with positive feedback from my clients, I deliver everything on time, my clients reach out to place repeat orders and everything indicates that my freelance services are going well! But my Success Score of 6, will not budge! 

I'm not here to talk about how broken the system is, I wanted to ask other sellers here what they did to beat Fiverr's awful system. Shoot your responses down below, please 🙂


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