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We won’t be able to restore this account

Guest kaushik644944

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Guest kaushik644944

i am lost my fiver account there is already clear 2nd level and more than 127 star with 97% rating,…also there pending clearance around $240 and around $80 work is delivery… there is come problem create and fiverr directly close my account and not give any chance to get up or take list of my client…i was getting this mail and than just my account is not working…not give permission to login…

mail :

Hi kaushik64494,

Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level One status. Therefore, we have removed the Level One badge from your account, along with the features that came with it.

There is nothing we would like more than to see you succeed on Fiverr, and truly hope that you’ll get back in the game soon. For more information, please contact our Customer Support team here: http://support.fiverr.com.

Best of luck,

The Fiverr Team

please help me friendz…


Fiverr Customer Support


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