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I am a new user of this platform. It has been more than 2 months now, but I have not yet been contacted by any actual buyers 🙂 , except for a few cases that seem suspicious, because the buyers have asked to communicate outside the platform. I want to clarify that I have not engaged in any contact outside of the platform. In addition, I would like to commend the platform for effectively identifying and removing these fake users.

However, I have a concern regarding GIGs. The profile I have created is related to Data Entry and Analytics. I have noticed that other individuals who offer the same services have a minimum offer lower than $20. Unfortunately, I am unable to lower my basic rate below $20. Since buyers are often attracted by the price offered in GIGs, I would appreciate your assistance in understanding why I cannot change this value below 20 USD in my GIG. Is it possible that this limitation is due to the fact that I also offer data visualization services within the same GIG? I am open to and appreciate any suggestions you may have.
Thank you very much🙏

Screenshot 2024-05-01 155342.png

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Hi @besnick_s, You are in a very competitive category, competing against other sellers offering similar services, with over 51,000+ gigs showing up when one searches for "data entry." It's not the pricing you should be worried about. You can probably charge $25 or more if you differentiate your services enough and clearly show buyers the value that you can provide for them. The problem that I see with most data entry specialists is that they look too similar, and there's nothing that makes them stand out from the 51k+ other gigs on Fiverr offering the same services.

I also started with a "data entry" gig where I update technical business documents (mostly in Word or Excel) and perform research. This is a niche area where I work mostly with educational institutions, nonprofits, and businesses. I also branched out into "Website Content" where I audit and write website content, "Course Designs" where I build Thinkific courses for clients, and other gigs that are relevant to the clientele that I target.

Define the clients that you want to work with. What are their pain points? Why should they work with you? Target your seller profile to those buyers and adjust as you start getting inquiries and orders.

In your portfolio, you have 5 images in one portfolio - split that up into 5 different portfolios so that you can showcase each project and highlight the value you provided in each project that you worked on. Add more to your portfolio, because this can really help to make you stand out from the pack. With over 20+ years of experience, this shouldn't be hard for you to do.

You also only have one, generic gig. After you define your clients, tailor your gigs to them. What services do they need? Most likely, you can provide several different services and can average 3-5 orders or more per buyer because you are the one-stop shop where they can get the services that they are looking for. This will also help your business grow faster. You have so many skills and specializations that you should have more than one gig. Have a gig on data entry, one on data visualization, one on virtual assisting. Tailor them to the customers that you are targeting (e.g., don't just list the services you provide, use the gig description to tell a story and give compelling reasons why they should work with you).

Even though it may seem like 2 months is a long time without orders, this isn't uncommon for new sellers with zero orders and zero reviews. Right now, your profile is your business card, and what will convince buyers to buy from you even when your profile is lacking in reviews and orders. So do spend the time to give your portfolio/profile the professionalism and credibility it needs to stand out so that buyers will want to work with you.

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Hi @vickieito

Many thanks indeed you for your time and for providing specific and very useful comments. I will definitely consider your feedback to reassess my profile and make the necessary adjustments based on your instructions. Appreciate a lot 👍

Best wishes

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