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Buyer sent Personal Information



Hey Fiverr Community,
Recently a buyer contacted me for a project on Fiverr and sent me her\ his WhatsApp number in an attachment. I told her\ him to keep all the things on Fiverr. Then she\ he agreed & eventually, I offered two custom orders as her\ his need. She\ He replied with "Sure" but then didn't give me any message. Then I thought it might be spam so I reported her\ him and blocked. 
Will it affect my account?
Is it right what I did?
How should I avoid getting personal information from buyers?
(Please provide me with the correct information & I didn't share any personal information.)

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Hi @lakhi_akhter, thanks for reporting the user, our team can now take over and get everything sorted. Anyone who violates our Terms of Service should be reported and blocked from the platform, so that everyone else can work in a safe environment. I recommend going through our ToS, and you'll find answers to any additional dilemma you may have, and feel free to contact our Customer Support team in case of any account-related questions. Thanks again and good luck 🍀

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