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17 minutes ago, deeptiagarwa362 said:

Hi All,

Has anyone else experienced this issue where the SEO freelancer hired through Fiverr used unlicensed images? If so, how did you handle the situation?

A seller can't do that. First of all, it's infringing upon the rights of the image copyright holder, and if you use it, you will too. 

Second of all, Fiverr already has a system in place for sellers to license images. We're supposed to use that or document the licensing if the images comes from elsewhere. 

In this case, I would not accept the delivery if the order is still open. You can reach out to support and let them know what's going on, and you can (and should) not accept any delivery if licensed images was part of the agreement. If you didn't agree on that, and the images were just a "bonus", it's still theft, and should be reported. 

Dishonest sellers only serve to damage the reputation of the platform. 

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