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My account restricted for using non-original Image.

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I'm writing to address a concerning issue with my account regarding the use of Envato Elements in my design work. Despite the fact that my work is primarily created from scratch and not entirely reliant on templates, my account has been restricted.

This is not the first time this problem has arisen. About a year ago, a similar issue occurred, but it was resolved after providing evidence of my licensing agreements and providing the source files for review. However, this time around, despite submitting the same evidence, I've received unhelpful responses from Fiverr support, including a generic message stating, "we have no additional information or assistance to provide on this particular issue."

I'm at a loss as to why the same problem, even with clear evidence and proof of licensing, is not being resolved. To assist in resolving this matter, I have provided Fiverr support with the following:

License documents confirming my rights to use Envato Elements.
Source files for my gig.
Source files for all completed work, totaling 150 orders, to demonstrate that my work is indeed created from scratch.
Despite these efforts, I have yet to receive a satisfactory response or resolution. It's particularly frustrating to observe numerous gigs on the platform that clearly utilize copied images from websites like Freepik or templates, yet they continue to operate without issue.

I'm reaching out for guidance on what steps to take next in this situation. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.


"I understand that no one in the forum can assist me other than Customer Support. However, despite providing detailed evidence and communication in two separate tickets, the supervisor from Customer Support has marked them as resolved without providing a satisfactory resolution.

I have read about similar cases in this forum where accounts were restored after providing licensing documentation of template. Why is my situation not receiving the same resolution?

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