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A 2 years old account or a new account, Which is better?



I have a Fiverr seller account which was created in 2022. But only created and logged out. Now I want to start selling on Fiverr. Can someone give me any suggestion that what should I do? Should I start selling on that old account or to create a new one? Which is best for selling?

Please guide me guys especially @Lena@milos_siena, @Kesha.

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The impression and click rates of your gigs do not depend on whether your account is old or new. Instead, they rely on your gig's title, description, and Image SEO. So you can use old account. Having an older account might make buyer trust you more because scammers often make new accounts. The other hand, creating multiple accounts is against the Terms of Service, so making a new one could get you into trouble.

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