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Handling Requests from Buyers on Behalf of Others - Ethical Dilemma?



Hey everyone! 😁

I wanted to reach out and ask how you handle situations where buyers are actually purchasing services from you on behalf of someone else. What I mean is, a buyer approaches me requesting a design for a new website, but it's not for them personally. They've received an order through their Fiverr profile and likely can't fulfill it themselves, but want to procure the service through me. How do you deal with such clients? Do you say yes or no?

Personally, when I develop a system or design a website, I always include my company name on the design to show that it's my work. However, there's a risk that they may remove it and claim ownership of the design, which doesn't sit well with me. Do you think it's okay to do this or not? Personally, I don't feel comfortable with it. When I put effort and passion into something, I want to proudly showcase that it's my company that created it.

It also feels a bit off that they might later try to take credit for what I've done or built. Perhaps it's different in some other fields, but when it comes to design, I don't want anyone else taking credit for my work! How do you feel about this? Is it acceptable?

There might be those who don't have the time or ability to do it themselves, but then I also don't think they should be selling such a service if they can't handle it! I'd love to hear more opinions on this and if you've encountered it, how you choose to handle it! 🙏

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Some Fiverr sellers are actually middlemen, and as long as they stick to the rules, pay your rates, and don't pester you with endless revisions because their client can't make up their mind, it should be okay.

As for the rules: they are only allowed to outsource a part of their work (for example, they make videos, and they are allowed to outsource voice over or scriptwriting). It's strictly forbidden to pass someone else's work as their own.

In other words, if someone hired them to design their website, they shouldn't hire you to do the whole work.

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I direct my buyers directly to other sellers by sharing the seller's link with my buyer. If my buyer really want to work through me, even after I share the other freelancer's link and prices, then I charge a project management fee that covers for the time and liability I take on to ensure the quality of all of the work the buyer needs including what I may do for the buyer. For example, I might do the writing and curriculum alignment while other sellers may do data entry or voiceovers.

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