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What do I need to do to get my first order of fiverr?



I have opened fiverr account almost one year and some buyer knock but they didn't order after that now no buyer knock and impressions and clicks are going down so much can anyone help me what should I do plz suggest It will be very good if you give.

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Well it needs patience and a lot of work, don't forget it's a platform with thousands of other sellers. So you need to make sure your profil has something unique that will make buyers choose you.

1. Complete your profil, add all relevant informations, not in a rush but take time to do it perfectly and professionaly.

2. Your gigs must be outstandings, that mean don't copy gigs from other sellers, work on your own ones. Write descriptions by yourselfs, create photos by yourself, to give value to your work.

3. Attach exemples of your works. People don't know you and they will tend to avoid the risk of working with you. So reassure them by already showing what you can do!

4. Stay active. Always be online on the website or the app. That shows your engagement and how you're ready to work. 

5. With the new metrics, make sure to Always meet requirement by answering clients quickly, giving them time, delivering a high quality work.. 

6. Why wait for new orders when Fiverr gives you the right to share your profil link on social media? That will get you a good traffic to your profil, so new potential customers!

Well i hope those advices help! Good luck and stay patient, you'll make it :)

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