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Can I use VPN like / Cloudflare for Fiverr? Is that okay?



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On 4/23/2024 at 5:27 PM, rifat_newaz1998 said:

Can I use VPN like / Cloudflare for Fiverr? Is that okay? Usually my VPN is turned on, and I browse Fiverr while VPN is turned on. It will be an issue?

That's DNS, not VPN. And yes, you can use any DNS you prefer.

As for a VPN, that might lead to issues like the system flagging you for "Location inconsistencies." You're not allowed to use tools that might mislead buyers about your location.

According to support, using a VPN isn't strictly banned, but it's discouraged because it can cause problems like that.

Personally, I avoid using a VPN because it's not more secure (almost all traffic over the Internet today is encrypted, even without a VPN) and it doesn't make you anonymous like so many people seem to think.

Those are just myths spread by VPN companies to get you to spend money on something you probably don't need.

The only real use for a VPN, aside from tunneling into networks for work (some servers require you to tunnel into the network at your workplace to access the system), is to change your location to access content you're not supposed to or to hide your real IP if you're doing something nefarious online. And that’s exactly what Fiverr doesn’t want you to do.

Sure, there are some outlier cases here, like streamers having to mask their IP to avoid getting swatted and so on, but in most cases, all a VPN does is tunnel your traffic through them, adding another layer of encryption that's not needed in most cases.

VPN providers will tell you that they stop people from snooping your data, but that's exactly what HTTPS does by default. And yes, it does so even on public wifi. As long as your connection is via HTTPS and not just HTTP, your info is encrypted. 

As for VPNs stopping your ISP from "selling your data", there are laws against that in most countries and even when you're in a country where that's not the case, it doesn't stop your VPN provider from selling your data instead

Remember, using a VPN might make you share an IP with thousands of others, which could even lead Fiverr to suspect you have multiple accounts, potentially resulting in a ban.

So I'd avoid them if you can.

Changing your DNS doesn't alter your IP. It just changes the server your computer contacts for directions on the Internet.

It could help avoid DNS blocks (some ISPs block certain services via their DNS due to government requirements, and one example of this would be a certain pirate website in Scandinavia being blocked via DNS). 

Some DNS providers even help you avoid dangerous websites, but that's usually something your ISP does just as well if they're any good. 

Some DNS servers, like, may offer faster service for some users. So, there are benefits to not using your ISP’s DNS. A VPN, not so much, unless you want to mask your IP. The question is: why would you do that? 

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