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Spam violation and TOS violation




I just got my first warning for Spam violation.

How should I process when some sellers don't answer me or just can't do the work ? Should I always make an original contact message?

I also have a seller that I can't contact anymore because of TOS violation.

It was not because of spam because we spoke an other language and it's an original message. I don't know why I can't contact him anymore.

Translation of message




Hi Seller!

I already have a Telegram bot shop base with categories, products and crypto payment, but some automations are missing.

I would like to know if you would be able to automate the order status to mark it as complete when funds are received on the wallet?

Best regards,



Hello Buyer, I am indeed able to help you with your project. Can you tell me more about the crypto used for the wallet?
Also, can you tell me what programming language is used for your bot?


Hello !

So we're on btc and xmr.

The language is python with csv files for data management.

Is it because there is the word payment ? I don't know which violation I've done.

Thank you for reading.



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