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Seller who scolded customer and cancelled last minute


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A seller decinded the work last minute,.only few hours before the deadline. With saying"Too little profit". How rude and unprofessional to ask cancellation from a client! And in the last minute!

I complained how irresponsible she is and that she cancelled with a rude remark! She said that “Your work is like 10 years old” Really?? A seller said this to a customer?? Never in my life have I encountered someone like this. This is not a seller but a TROLL. How can I report Fiverr to ban this person from doing anymore business.

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Dear alice,

Normally if you’d cancel the work due to it being late, you get to add feedback about your experience. If you cancelled mutually, then you cant, which is likely what happened.

It’s not really possible to contact customer service for this kind of thing, since they believe buyers and sellers should work it out together first. And being rude on Fiverr doesn’t get you banned, but if word goes out you’re a lot less likely to get any orders. Word travels fast.

As unprofessional as it might be to cancel on such short notice, it might be that you’ve encountered someone with poor grasp of English who found out that what you asked is actually more than they can manage. Without knowledge of your request I cannot say.

When you complained about it, this person defended him or herself in a way that’s pretty childish. It might be you simply were unlucky enough to encounter a less mature selller.

Don’t let these things discourage you - make sure to have plenty of communication with the seller so you both know that the workload is clear, that the seller communicates with your preferred level of English (or other language) and that the deadline will be met.

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Please don’t mention people negatively in the forum, that’s not allowed.

I know you’re frustrated and feel offended that a seller treated you like this, but please keep in mind that we cannot check your claims. So if you bad-mouth someone on the forum, we cannot be sure that this is true, or that you simply are venting frustration against a perfectly fine seller.

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Reply to @laughingcrow: WHY would I do any of such things? If you call a seller who curses bad words at a buyer,.as perfectly fine. Then I am in serious doubt for your logic. You are a seller, you might take sides on a seller. But this seller BAD MOUTH me. I bought many gigs from many wonderful sellers here. This is just one bad apple. Why do I have to attack a seller. If I’m not satisfied with her service, I can just write a review.

I wouldn’t go far to make these irrelevant stories up. Before you accuse me or someone of lying, please ask and take into considerstion. I reported to Fiverr with a screenshot of her replying me with bad words. And I just joined this site for 2 days, I did not know the rules of the posting the names. I was just shocked to see a seller abusing and harassing a buyer. This behaviour doesn’t deserve to be a seller, so I report the claim.

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Reply to @aliceeclila:

aliceeclila said: If you call a seller who curses bad words at a buyer,.as perfectly fine. Then I am in serious doubt for your logic.

Please read what I wrote. Calling users out simply is not allowed on the forum because we - as forum users - cannot check your claim.

It doesn’t matter whether you tell the truth or not, we cannot confirm it. Only Customer Service can, based on your screenshot. Maybe she cursed at you and maybe she didn’t. We don’t know. Even if you post screenshots (which you really shouldn’t because they will be removed as well by Sheriffs) we cannot be sure you altered them in some fashion.

The logic you are doubting is “if we cannot check it, either side can be true”.

I understand fully that you are shocked, abuse shouldn’t happen either way, and from what I saw in the other thread it’s being handled by CS.

Also please note that there is no “sellers for sellers” or “sellers take each other’s side” mentality since we are all individuals and have no union or seller’s organisation or the like.

Edit: As for why anyone would do it - well because there are unscrupulous sellers who could make more money by making other sellers look bad that sell the same thing. This makes it more likely that their own Gigs are taken instead of their competitors. And they often then use new accounts, likely posing as buyers. All of which is bad behavior and against ToS, so anyone doing it is likely to be banned.
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Reply to @laughingcrow:

I already deleted the seller’s name according to the rule.

Must be my understanding. That I first thought you implied that I was lying, in which I won’t do that non sense of thing anyway. I don’t have to go all the way for $5 service. I am not posting a screen shot, I instead forwarded it already to.a customer service. At first I don’t know how I reported. And I haven seen users questioning about how to deal with scam sellers. And I have not seen one buyer gets questioned whether they are lying.

I know where you are coming from. And I don’t know why you come with such a mentality that I am the SELLER posing as buyer. Aren’t all the buyers here WHO complain about sellers here, are viewed as sellers posing as buyers?

I don’t know about that evil or sinister plot that you showed. It seems you know a lot more about that plot. Like you have an experience. Or you just know someone who knows well about that plot?

Wow, I am quite shocked for the paranoid or logic for someone who could think like that. Accusing other people that they lie without proper evidence. It 's just a very bad behavior. Like a bully who attacks anyone, he/she wants to. That’s just immorral. Don’t you think? It’s like staying in one’s own world. Accusing people blindly without knowing the truth.Or someone who thinks like that must have done it themselves? Posing as buyer to tame repetition of others? That’s why that particular person is so well thinks that others would do the same as him/herself.

By insisting and shoving the accusation that someone lies. It’s just bad and immoral, don’t you think? To just disrespect someone like that without any evidence.

And yes, thanks for understanding that abuse should not happen either way. When I am a customer and the seller should treat a customer with respect. That’s a norm. And that’s how all the wonderful sellers here get their REVIEWS. And I think this is a forum. to ask questions and ask for help from both buyers and sellers.

As I saw many buyers came here to ask for help from scam sellers, harassing sellers, and etc. And no one would just go straight to accuse them of lying. Is it? And even sellers who come here and complain about buyers, don’t get accused that they are lying. It’s too disrespectful to do it. “And no decent person would do that. It’s just too unethical to accuse people of lying when you have zero evidence.” As for the plot, that you think; I think it is just too evil. I don’t know if you do know someone who does that or have a close experience or used to be in the situation yourself. So you are so familiar with it. But I’m just a member who comes to use the forum and ask for help to report an unethical seller who abused a buyer. I have read the previous posts and saw sellers and fellow buyers alike asked for help and they got their answers. I too already got my answer, since a member already told me to report the situation to customer service and gave the address. I already did that. And I’m done with the process. Thanks for your contribution.

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