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Your seller profile was not approved. Check your email for more details.



Your seller profile was not approved. Check your email for more details.

I was caught by surprise by Fiverr's decision to not approve my seller profile.

First a notification under the “bell” icon saying:
Your seller profile was not approved. Check your email for more details.


More details you said? check the “more details” on the bottom

With over 22 years of professional experience in my field and an earning capacity over $100k USD per year as contractor, I firmly believed that I have the qualifications and expertise to offer high-quality, trustworthy services on their platform.

After spending several hours filling my profile at fiverr.com with all their form fields.
and getting stuck at things like "keywords" that should be "key phrases" without mention that they must have 3 words and 18 characters (20 including spaces!)
I spent additional hours spanned through a whole week designing a package or “gig” with the experience and the stuff they asked me to fill.

did I mentioned the payment and tax verifications ?

I have kept my account for some weeks more to starting again, and earn some bucks here,
but as far I know the “Your seller profile was not approved” means “you’re banned forever”, that should be the treat for a fraudster, not for a serious professional.

Thinking about Fiverr's right logic to curate their marketplace, it’s a right and a duty, so my opinion is just a drop of water in the sea.

The blanket rejection without providing specific reasons feels dismissive of my credentials and capabilities.
As a seasoned professional, I find it disheartening to be denied the opportunity to showcase my skills and services on a reputable platform like Fiverr.

I would appreciate more transparency from Fiverr regarding their evaluation criteria and decision-making process.
Outright rejections with vague explanations such as "not meeting the demand for high-quality services from trustworthy freelancers" seem unconvincing and fail to acknowledge the merits of experienced professionals like myself. (and many reading)

I remain committed to finding suitable avenues to offer my services and will continue exploring alternative platforms or independent channels to connect with clients who value my expertise and experience.

By now I will close this chapter being fiveRr one of the worst work rejections I have had,
not because of the language, but because of the vague arguments exposed

Best wishes with your “high-quality, trustworthy services”.


We cannot approve your seller profile

Hi user_name,

We appreciate your interest in becoming a freelancer on Fiverr. To meet the growing demand for high-quality services from trustworthy freelancers, we have carefully considered your profile and service. Unfortunately, we cannot approve your seller profile at this time.

The Fiverr Team


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Hello @cloudarchitech5 

We recognize how important it is to you to become a Freelancer and thank you for your interest in our platform. If your request was reviewed and not approved, please kindly note that we can’t change this decision. You are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a Buyer.

We appreciate your understanding.

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