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3 things that I think almost everyone is still questioning about success score

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It's been almost 2 months now since the implementation fo success score, yet it's still the most discussed thing in the forum and outside the forum as well.

Here are 3 things that remain questionable in my opinion:

1- Implementing the system all of a sudden and not gradually

As much as it may be a revolution on the site to introduce the SS system, making it affect levels (features) and visibility and even if we were given that one month before it took effect.
I don't think it is a good idea at all to have sellers who were active for 5+ years be facing a low score that gives them tips on how to improve yet they will be trying to fix over 2-5 years of data, while in that period of time all of their metrics were at 100%, great reviews and good tips, with no way of knowing that behind the scenes, they will be demoted to a New Seller one day (No matter what I did in the past 2 months, my success score is a rock solid 4/10)
On the other hand, new sellers are having a huge advantage with a much more reactive success score, due to the lower amount of previous orders and data.

2- Comparing you to other sellers in your category:
As others have already mentioned, it's not fair to compare a single freelancer to some accounts who are ran by multiple people be it an agency, or someone and his wife or friend sharing the same office.
As an artist it gets even more unfair to compare me to other musicians/producers, since art doesn't have an average delivery time or an average price, it depends on how much time you need for your creative flow to give your best work and how much you and only you value your own work, at the end of the day it's the client's decision to choose you for their project.

3- The success score bar and some other mysteries
We all know how the success score is a stable metric that won't change within days...
However it puts you at much more stress not knowing if you're going in a good direction or not since the bar doesn't let you know if you're closer to the next score or a lower one, would have been good to have a more reactive bar that slowly shows you it's evolution from score 5 to score 6 for example or even some little indicators that tell you if you're close to the next station or not.
Another mystery is the time frame that is taken into consideration, fiverr's chatbot says it's 60 days, some staff members hinted that it's over 2 years, the offical articles say that it takes a ''wider timeframe''
This leaves you wondering about your history of works, meaning you don't know when you did something wrong in order to know what you could improve.

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Highly agreed. I also experimented with everything to bring up the success score but nothing has changed. Only the sellers that have a success score of 4 or below are just facing this, Those who have a score of 5 or above 5 are observing an increase and decrease in their scores. 

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