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Strategizing Clientele: Tips for Targeting the Right Audience and Countries on Fiverr

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Hey everyone!😁

When it comes to optimizing your gig for the right clientele and being where you want to be, it's something I've put a lot of energy into. Since joining Fiverr, I've really absorbed all the tips and tricks available. I also have a solid background in SEO, having worked for several major Swedish companies before deciding to go solo. I've invested a lot of energy into perfecting my gig for the best possible results, and I feel like my main gig is doing well. I'm managing to appear in the right places and for the keywords I want.

However, Fiverr is a huge platform, functional worldwide, and tailoring your gig to attract specific types of clients from certain countries can be tricky. Initially, I was able to attract exactly the clients I wanted from the right countries, but as I start to receive more orders, naturally, I become more visible, which comes with the risk of attracting the wrong audience. Some people want all types of clients, while others prefer a more targeted approach. How do you guys manage to direct your gigs towards the right customers and the right countries? Do you have any good tips to share? How do you work? Do you want all types of clients, and if not, why?

While optimizing keywords, titles, and creating geo-targeted and language-specific descriptions are effective tactics, they might also confine your reach to a specific country... How do you navigate this balance and attract the right customers without limiting yourself to one location? Let's share strategies!

Continuous growth is key, regardless of how much expertise one possesses. There's always room for improvement and refinement. I firmly believe that personal and professional development is an ongoing journey; nobody is ever truly "finished" or flawless. That's why it's essential to remain open to new ideas and experiences, always striving to evolve and enhance our skills.

Looking forward to hearing your insights!

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