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What are the important factors to consider before promoting my Gigs?



In particular, what are the key elements that I should focus on when promoting a Gig?  Should I use attractive titles?  What should I include in the description to encourage potential clients to contact me? 

Although I am getting clicks and impressions while promoting my gig, I am not receiving any inquiries from potential clients. Therefore, any advice on how to improve my gig promotion would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the links to the gigs if someone wants to check them out:


Please feel free to suggest anything if you think there is any pricing issue.

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I don't have time to check out all your gigs, but I did look at a few, and I noticed your gig descriptions are heavy on the features, but they don’t emphasize the benefits. 

People don’t buy the features, but the benefits they'll get from those features.

For example, in your gig description you list features like:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Impeccable layout
  • Well Designed
  • Newsletter

Try to showcase the benefits instead.

Instead of just "WordPress Installation," describe how this allows the buyer to effortlessly start their website on a globally recognized platform, freeing them to concentrate on their expertise while you handle the technical aspects.

"User-friendly newsletters" could be promoted as a way for them to easily stay connected with their customers, boosting customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

"Well designed" could enhance their professional image, reassuring visitors that they’ve made the right choice.

And so on and so forth.

You could also try using a gig video to sell these benefits. From my experience, gigs that include professional videos tend to convert better. 

P.S. I recommend not offering unlimited revisions unless you like working for free. 🙂 

Hope this helps. 


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