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Reflecting on My Journey and Future Plans as a Freelancer

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In the forthcoming period from April 27 to May 15, 2024, I shall be embarking on a well-deserved and earnest period of rest. Prior to this hiatus, I am fully committed to fulfilling all my orders. This juncture invites me to reflect on my professional journey, which commenced in late December 2020 - a time characterized by considerable adversity, including the dissolution of my company amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, financial obligations to employees, paying ransom to a kidnap in china (true story) and personal challenges of a significant nature. 

Such Is Life

My entry into the freelance marketplace began with offering translation services, modestly priced at $5.

Evolution of Professional Services:

  • In response to market demand and personal inclinations, I transitioned from translation services to concentrate on plan writing. This pivot marked a significant evolution in my service offerings.

Key Milestones:

  • By December 2022, I realized that working on Fiverr could sustainably support my livelihood, often yielding better returns than traditional employment.
  • In the latter part of 2023, I achieved significant professional recognition on the platform, earning top and pro badges. I will say my current SM @doron_successwas the reason I got TRS; she pinpointed the reason as to I didn't get the badge earlier on; for that, I remain thankful to her always
  • As of this month, I have achieved my highest revenue to date, marking a significant milestone in my journey on the platform.

Challenges and Insights:

  • My path was fraught with obstacles, including gig rotations, early advice from SM to severely underprice my services (It was depressing). However, reading the form helped me refine my strategy and pricing, leading to better outcomes.
  • I find the forum more useful, 99% of the time.

Reflections on Personal Growth and Future Considerations:

  • This entire experience has been an intense learning process, transforming me from a high-level executive to a resilient freelancer who navigated through considerable downturns and emerged stronger.
  • Looking ahead, I am contemplating a potential adjustment in my client selection strategy to optimize my earnings, though this requires me to be less forthcoming with my clients. It's a line I'm not willing to cross, yet(?.. it's tempting when I know I'm not working at full capacity)

My journey thus far spans 3 years, 4 months, and 19 days, marked by continuous, "full-time" engagement, with the exception of a 4-day hiatus observed for the Chinese New Year (This year too!). I am now poised to take a 19-day sabbatical, being at a position to feel mentally comfortable enough to take a holiday. I feel blessed.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Fiverr for its significant impact on my life, which occurred in the most surprising manner. Who would've thought I'd go from leading a company of over 70 employees to freelancing? But here I am, loving my new lifestyle and am transitioning towards embracing a digital nomad life, with a plan to relocate to Vietnam come July.

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