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Are buyers able to delete messages or is it Fiverr safeguarding them?



A little history: I worked with a buyer on two orders in the past. We were creating a 3D Sci-Fi Drone and everything went well. But just after I delivered my second order, the client started to mention things like using crack software (and was asking me where he can update his crack, lmao), and also started mentioning terms like 'student' and 'school'. So, at that point, I contacted Customer Support and let them know that I don't know if this is an academic project or not, but I do not want any trouble on my profile as I was not aware of this at all earlier. They also confirmed that I am all good and there won't be any problems because the buyer never mentioned this upfront, so how could I know.

Now, the buyer contacted me again for the third project, and this time, I confronted him directly and asked if this is for an academic project. He "confirmed," and I denied working with him on any future order since he was violating the terms. But after a day, his 'confirmation message' is missing and deleted from the chat. It means now there's no proof that this work was for an academic project. As far as I am aware, buyers can not delete their messages, so is it just a bug or is Fiverr trying to cover things for him and protect him by deleting his 'confirmation message'? Because he only confirmed in a single message that it's an academic project, and that message is now gone.

Thankfully, I record all conversations through OBS Studio (not all, but all conversations with red-flag and scammy clients), so I always have proof if things go south.



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