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Should I start working on an order before buyer pays for it?

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Recently a buyer with recurring orders wrote to me asking me to start working on 3 orders that he wants to accept until May 5th.

Our last completed order was on the 13th of this month, I have never had any problems with the buyer-just that his instructions are difficult to follow and most of the time he asks for more than what was offered.

Now, I feel very stressed by him constantly requesting jobs without having a specific order or any guarantee that he will accept the orders.

My question for freelancers, how would you handle that situation?

I clarify, the buyer wants to receive the content and then make payment for the supposed orders.

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If the buyer wants to place a regular order so you can offer a subscription with a long term project and this period buyer can provide several instructions, Make sure to negotiate about your project with the buyer. Thanks

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In general, one can politely refuse the buyer citing ongoing orders/workload as the reason.

But since you delivered work for him last week only, he can leave you a bad private review on the previous order - which would hurt your gig for 3 to 6 months and might tank the gig score too.

If you can delay - I would suggest wait out until the end of the month at least (14 days after the order completion) and then refuse politely citing any excuse you deem fit. (Though Fiverr has not officially specified anywhere about the number of days for which the option to leave private review remains open, but 2 weeks should be the minimum time frame.)

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