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About why I haven't gotten clients on Fiverr yet



My English is not very good, I apologize for that.


I joined Fiverr in January of this year. I spent some time (with tutorials) making my profile as good as possible and I also had trouble verifying my phone number. Then I was “unavailable” for a month because I got a very important job from somewhere else. But, except for that, I was very eager to get a job on this platform.


For which, as I said, I tried to make my profile as good as possible and the Gigs too. And whenever I can I stay connected to the site, “refreshing” the page to appear “online” or connected as often as possible.


I know that the problem that I indicated is that I only work for Spanish speakers limits me a lot. And I also know that if you don't have qualifications you can wait a long time until you have your first clients.


The point is that it's been a while since I joined the Fiverr platform and in my country, there is a serious economic problem and I don't have a job, so I'm quite desperate.


I wanted to ask anyone who can help me please, to review my profile and my Gigs to give me ideas on how to improve it or why I haven't gotten clients yet.

It remains to be added that my statistics show very few “clicks” to my profile, only 2 per week out of 156 impressions.


Well, thank you in advance

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Hi feden82,

I have the same problem. Im a newbie here, and I ve spent long hours on finding the right keywords to have my first clients on my gigs. I have no answer. Maybe the same things that im doing right no can help you too:

1. Find the proper keywords for each one of your gigs. Quizás puedas aprovechar las características de algunas herramientas SEO que puedes descargate fácilmente, por ejemplo KeyWordPlanner. No tienes que pagar nada para tener algunos resultados.

2. Ver y analizar los ejemplos de los usuarios que tienen 2 estrellas y Top Sellers, ¿qué keywords utilizan? ¿qué dicen sus perfiles y bios? quizás puedas copiar y mejorar la forma de presentar sus gigs.

3. Buscar a alguien local que te contrate por medio de Fiverr. Así puedes ganar calificaciones.

Espero que te vaya bien, bro. Estoy pasando por lo mismo que estás pasando, así que quiero crecer en Fiverr. Contáctame y así podemos ayudarnos mutuamente.


Daniel P.

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