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Spam and scam inside Fiverr

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I received a letter to me that the support service needed to activate my account. I followed the specified link and then realized that this is a hoax. I was asked to enter the amount that is stored on my account, and then they asked me to confirm it. In general, I talked with them and realized that it was a deception, but this is strange, why the company Fiverr will not check the people who are registered with it. In my place, there could be a more trusting person!





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Hi @wknoise, sorry to read about this unpleasant experience, I completely understand how disappointing this must be.

Please report any user who violates our Terms of Service. Also, I highly recommend reading our Forum Rules, to avoid any further violations, as they'll lead to a restricted/blocked account. I edited your post since it was showing screenshots of the conversation, and that's not allowed.

Thanks for understanding and good luck 🍀

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