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How Success Rate is calculated in New Level System

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Hello Fiverr community,

I've recently noticed a change in my seller level on Fiverr. Before the new level system was introduced, I was a level 1 seller. However, I haven't received any flags or warnings, yet I find myself now at level 0 according to the new system. 

I'm a bit confused about why this change has occurred. Could anyone shed some light on this or offer any insights? I'd appreciate any help or advice on how to understand and possibly improve my seller level under the new system.

Thank you!


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According to the new level system you are not eligible for level one seller. Check the level one seller criteria. Hope all criteria are not fulfill in this time. So you are not any more level one seller.

Level one.jpg

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Some algorithms are out of our knowledge. Best wishes to everybody. As per my ideas, No way to be developed without regular orders and high client satisfaction...

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Hi, hope all of you are doing well. 

I am curious to know about how the success rate is calculated in new level system. I have completed 20 orders with 5.0 ratings but still my success rate is undefined. Before new level system, I was a level 1 seller. Now I am Level 0. All of my requirements are fulfilled except the success rate.

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As far as I know and see and analyzed the new system, I can never rise again on fiverr with the new evaluating system.
My gig's impression, from >10k went down to <30 now.
I can never get any new order again, to prove my talents to the new system any more.
Before I was qualified for top seller level. Now I am zero level.

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12 hours ago, andywarburton said:

secret sauce

There is no "secret sauce". Ingredients are obvious.
It is obvious what Fiverr aiming for.
Fiverr wants Faster and sustainable income. Like every other companies.
That literally means Sellers should:
Deliver faster, (Like as before)
Avoid cancellations (Like as before)
Absorb more customers; which literally means better communication and engagements (which might be new in the new evaluation system using AI, via monitoring chats), Good reviews (Like as before)
Good feedback on Private questions(Like as before)

They might want to get rid of slow income services like Animation and Motion graphics. Not sure. They might think like, Okay, every category will have it's inherent competition, so It will be ranked according to the category characteristics, and for that, they will be using AI again. But I am not sure if it works correctly and there will be some bleeding in the new system.
It will effectively help to get rid of scammers though.
They still will have the "newcommers" support, because they will not be able to remove that unspoken rule.

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