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Fiverr's Done Another AI Report. Let's Talk About It Here.


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Here's the press release and here's the landing page for the Spring 2024 Business Trends Index report.

It's all about how lawyers and stuff want AI. Complex AI, of course. Cool sounding AI. The kind of AI people are interested in. I didn't spot anything about businesses seeking Pro AI writers who copypasta GPT articles without disclosing for $400, but that's probably par for the course in what is essentially a thought leadership marketing document. 

Of course, it was written by AI. 


I apologize in advance for my negative lack of tech savviness. 

Anyway. thoughts, anyone? 

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I just checked the marketplace. There are some very affordable thought leadership writers there. Perhaps in summer, or whenever the next one is due, Fiverr could consider having one of them write their piece? Of course, might be a bit risky as they may not disclose that they use AI, which... kinda destroys the point. 

Funny story: when I was in TLV, many moons ago, I remember staff proudly showing me all this seller stuff everywhere - "made on Fiverr". 

Is that still a thing, or is it now "made by AI"? I do wonder, lately.... 


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