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Any Tips for promoting Art and selling product ( for beginner )?


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To all of sellers with experience on Fiverr, can I ask that : how did you start promoting and start to sell product in the first place ? It would be the pleasure to know some great tips from you guys.

Right now I’m doing Sketch, Typography, Photographing, and I’m new here on Fiverr. I’m confident with my skill and quality of Artworks.

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Guest norrsken_marc

Hi @derwolfgang, and welcome to Fiverr. Please take a moment to read the Do’s and Dont’s of the forum, and make sure you follow all the rules. As for most of your questions, chances are they’ve been answered already. So simply write what you are searching for in the Search field and take a look at the countless posts about all your queries.

Just a quick look got me these from @voiceoverwork:

  • How to Create and Promote your gigs

  • Aid to attracting buyers

  • The Art of Upselling, Repeat Business, and Business Relationships on Fiverr

    - See more at:

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