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My experience with the ever-so-reliable CS

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Sometimes, we all need some guidance, right?

OR, we need guidance for our buyers in one way or another. That's fine, right?

Would it really REALLY be too much to expect consistent answers from two different agents (on the same day?)

Here's what happened (I'll leave out any details that might identify the buyer (or me... wait.) or the agent, of course.

So, long story short, we are working on a huge project and the buyer wanted to work on it in a specific setting. I've double-checked that with my Success Manager and CS before and was always told NOT to use it. So, I went to the buyer, told them and said 'but you can check with CS as well'. 

Buyer, surprisingly got the OK (with some caveats.) I told them that I'd double-check just in case (which I'm sure didn't feel nice, I'd feel a bit off about it as well.)

The SAME CS agent gave me the green light. 

Naturally, I told the buyer that I was given the okay, only for another CS agent to advise me against it (and 'correcting' the previous agent, to use their words.)

Now, here is the issue I'm facing now:

CS told the buyer it was FINE. I also said so (after CS told me it was fine)... How am I supposed to say 'oh, actually-' now? 

Fiverr, please. We've talked about consistency before. This isn't it. 



(please note: I'm not looking for advice here necessarily, I'm handling it with CS okay, I just wanted to rant. Also, my apologies about the choppy style this is written in. It's a rant, not literature :D) 

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11 minutes ago, catwriter said:


And then your success score gets dinged because the buyer was rightfully annoyed.

Or it turns out that it wasn't okay, after all.

Or both.

Exactly my point! I honestly feel like I can't win at this point (the buyer is already annoyed by the outdated way some things are handled, which again, makes sense), but on the other hand, if I comply with them DESPITE what CS (well, someone from CS says) I'm risking everything else. 


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An update:

The second agent will reach out to the buyer.

Still no answer if it's explicitly forbidden or not, but there's that at least. 

I'm honestly exhausted by this already today and it's not even noon  😀 

(I'm very concerned why two agents, two hours from each other's message are saying such vastly different things... my SM is away as well so they can't help either (likely). 


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