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Hello, fellow fiverr users! This is my "confession"! [ARCHIVED]


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Hello, fellow fiverr users!

My name is John and I study Architecture in Romania. This is my story or “confession”:

I began using fiverr 10 months ago when a new roommate did 3D jobs for a long time here on fiverr. I was incredibly impressed when I saw how much he earned…and most of all, working from home! ^:)^ He saw my drawings and recommended that I should open an account, which I did. In no more than three days I already had 5 orders to complete, I was happy. :)>- At least, I was for the next two months, period during which I received some very big orders, the biggest until date, which I took gladly. I had a long time to do them and kept contact constantly with the buyer, even developed a friendly relationship. 🙂 Anyway…January came, university deadlines flooding, architectural models, glue and wood everywhere in the room, papers thrown, sleepless nights one after another…and no more fiverr. :-t I was confident I could finish the orders for my fellow buyer/friend, as he needed those for a university project-presentation as well, and I knew how much a project depends on a presentation. But, here I am, trying to keep up with the university deadlines and exams…and couldn’t finish the orders on time. I had to cancel the orders… 😦 I didn’t know how to apologize, and I knew in my mind how I’d feel if this would have happened to me. I was devastated! In that moment I told myself I won’t take any more orders…and didn’t for 6-7 months, until this summer, when I had and still have so much time at my disposal! Also, I was promoted to Level 2 in two-three weeks after I started taking orders again. I was mesmerized! $-) and here I am now, trying to deliver the best quality drawings and trying hard to learn how to mix studying with fiverr and most of all, not repeating my mistake.

Did something similar happen to you?

and for a little advertising [self-promotion removed (fragglesrocked) ]

Thank you for listening!

Sheriff’s Note: Advertising belongs only in My Fiverr Gigs..

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Thank you for your comment,

Yes, I guess it kinda stays like a scar. My percentage went down to a 64%, if I remember correctly. And even now, the 93% I currently have is still from that period, but these are less important things. The most important thing is to have satisfied customers and mesmerize them…that’s what I’m aiming for. 🙂

PS: How did the book go? 😃



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Guest sagarjha

i feel you brother… the architecture assignments are time taking and delivering them can be a nightmare if you have too many in que…i think fiverr should consider assigning the level rankings based on type of work/ gig rather than considering numbers of orders in a given time frame… lot of my assignments taken weeks to complete… but its ok because i have 99% positive ratings on my delivered projects.

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