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Does anyone have some tips and tricks for how to be a good beta reader?

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I'm new to fiverr and my first ever gig and job interest in this platform was to be a beta reader. But since i've made my gig, I have this thought of afraid that when someone's ordering my service, my skill may far from standard and dissapointed them. So I wanna know what do people write on their beta reading review/report? And if you don't mind, can you tell me what app/platform did people use to read and review their customer story? 

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Hi @lichanna, As a beta reader, it is your responsibility to tell your readers what services you are offering and what they can expect. What genres do you read or not read? What criteria are you using to review their book? How will your report look like? Do you offer inline commentary or will you only be offering your feedback by report?

If you are clear on what you are offering, it's hard to disappoint your buyers because you will deliver exactly what you say you will deliver. If you are worried about your services, spend more time refining your gig until you are sure you understand all of the details that are needed to provide a smooth customer experience for your buyers.

As a beta reader, I give my buyers a grade based on 10 literary focus points (the score is out of 100 pts). If the buyer wants to include their own set of criteria, I incorporate that into my report. Sometimes my reports are long (my longest report was 24 pages full of examples), but sometimes buyers only want simple feedback - they just want to know your impressions and the factors affecting reader attrition in 200 words or less. Most of my reports are no longer than 5 pages, with inline commentary in a Word doc (or annotations/comments in a PDF).

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