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Thanks to williambryan392


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The post by William is closed for additional comment but I need to express my thanks.  I am new to Fiverr in particular and new to freelancing in general.  I have read lots of posts, ToS, etc. and this post is the most informative and clear document I have read so far.  Very helpful and I am most grateful for the time and effort expended to pull it all together.  Many thanks William.

Personally, I don't expect to make much money from this.  It is a new experience and one that can potentially extend my career a couple more years.  I have posted 1 gig and my field is quite specialized so I have no delusions of being overwhelmed with customers.  I have had a couple dozen impressions and a handful of clicks but no real interest in orders.  I would like to get a couple orders just for the experience so I have been reading posts, such as William's, to see what I should do to let customers know what I have to offer.  I don't mind researching and working hard so William's post resonated well with me.  We'll see how well I can follow the advice and comments provided.


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