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Hi, I recently got an email from fiverr support that my account has been put under review and offcourse they would not tell the reason until the review is complete. 

If someone had this issue before, I would really appreciate if you can help me understand;

  1. How long does it take usuallyfor them to review the account?
  2. What can be the possible reasons for this issue as, for my knowledge, I tried my best to follow all the TOS?
  3. I can not communicate with my past buyers anymore who might be waiting for a response from me and some of them have already cancelled the orders and have left bad reviews. If luckily, my account is back how would I get all these issues solved? 

Mnay Thanks 😇

Screenshot 2024-04-09 102557.png

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They found clones - other profiles you created from the same device, ip, with similar email, profile picture etc. They concluded that it's you behind at least 2 or more profile.

Unfortunately this will lead to a block, and they won't answer to a ticket because the decision is final. Present orders can be finished.

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