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I am a seller on fiverr

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Hello guys,

I registered with Fiverr in July 2021 but don't know what I want to do with it at the time because of my paid employment. Early last year, I decided to offer my web development expertise on Fiverr but to be honest, I have yet to have my first gig seller and it is not encouraging. Please I would appreciate it if someone with experience could go through my gigs and tell me, what I am not doing right. I honestly need this help, as I have decided to concentrate my energy on Fiverr moving forward. I don't maintain my paid job at the moment. My profile is at htpps://fiverr.com/cryptosmart

Thank you guys

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I just noticed one thing. it's your price range. I think you have to analyse the current market price.  You have to put the lowest price as much as you can as a new seller to attract buyers. Ensure you have used the proper tag, keyword in your gig.

I do not have enough knowledge about web development. depend on your research.

Be active on the forum and Fiverr. You will find many forum posts relevant to your problem.

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