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Unable to Withdraw my funds



Greeting Great Fiverr Community
Am facing an issue where i am unable to withdraw my Fund
Unable to withdraw my Fiverr Fund and Am Willing to change the preferred Payment method but i was told i can't add or remove any payment method
Please am Appealing to the community for a removal of the payment method

I seriously need this Fund to ATTEND TO MY Medical Bill and this is the only hope i have

Best Regards

Screenshot 2024-04-01 043414.png

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Hi @janet_violet, sorry to read about the issue you're experiencing. The forum does not replace or act as Customer Support. Contact Fiverr's Customer Support if you have technical issues, account concerns or questions about your project. Only they can help since sadly we here are unable to address account-specific issues like this one.

Let me just mention that creating multiple tickets on the same issue never helps, on the contrary, it only contributes to waiting time. The team will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience 🍀

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