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Who Is Planning to Cancel Seller Plus Premium Ahead of the Price Increase?


Who Is Planning to Cancel Seller Plus Premium Ahead of the Price Increase?  

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  1. 1. Is the price increase reasonable?

  2. 2. Do you think the features are worth the money you pay now?

  3. 3. Did you think that the announcement about the price increase was an April Fool's joke?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I may be a potato, but I am not the fool.

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23 hours ago, catwriter said:

It took them 2 months to change the analytics page, so... Maybe they'll change this one on May 1st, maybe 2 months later.

That's what I figured too. If the site still says $29 and they charge $39, then they're going to have  mess of complaint on their hands.

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I actually asked CS about this. My SM is on vacation, so I took advantage of my Priority Support as a TRS:


I responded with a screenshot of my billing and pointed out that there are consumer laws in the EU about pricing and that Fiverr was presently not aligned with those laws. This earned me a new response:


I have not received a further update. Fiverr is still violating EU consumer law. They have about 4.5 days to fix this, and it appears that they were completely unaware of this "discrepancy".

In other news, did any other people in the rewrites/editing subcategories get the email the future of proofreading is here? Go on, read it. Then get back to me with your opinions. I was shocked.

Disclosure: My posts are automatically hidden pending approval until May 10th, so I may be slow to respond and maybe sometimes I may seem not to respond at all. Sorry about that. Little point to the person who approves this: why does the forum always double post hidden posts? Or is that just my browser?

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