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"Conflict-free orders" after buyer opened up a ticket to fix their accidental 4-star rating



Why my gig has conflict-free orders if two costumers contacted the customer support for their mistakes on voting on your platform? The Gig has never reached out to resolution centre (it is a new gig), and I know both of the buyers.

Why am I being penalized for something that your website has no clear indication on how to rate a seller?

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27 minutes ago, ghoshradhe said:

It can happen through buyers, intentionally or unintentionally. So don't be worried about it. And you shouldn't force for feed-back.

I am not forcing feedback. I am doing exactly what Fiverr told me that I can do, ask for honest and genuine feedback. The review went from 4.7 star rating to 5, and I got myself a "conflict-free order" few hours later.

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