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How to rang my gig in fiverr first page


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Our algorithm takes many factors into account, which means the results vary by user. Since the marketplace is ever-changing and competitive, we suggest working hard to ensure that your Gigs stand out.

There are some great threads from the Fiverr community and Fiverr employees on the forum that we recommend you read:

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1 hour ago, aronok74 said:

I am a new seller on Fiverr. So I don't know many things about Fiverr. Does anyone know What is the minimum requirement to get a consultation option?


Level 2 Seller has a benefit of Paid Consultation feature.

See the link below on New Level Systems. Read Benefits of each Level:

Link: https://www.fiverr.com/cp/freelancers-levels-ratings

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You cannot request your buyers to give you 5* reviews as it's considered to be a "review manipulation". Hence, you will get a warning and your account will be restricted. Avoid it. 

You can simply ask your buyer to give you an honest feedback on your work but don't say good or 5* review.

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Don't ask people to give you 5-star reviews because that's not allowed and could get you in trouble. Instead, just ask them to share their thoughts about your work honestly. Be careful not to specifically mention wanting a good or 5-star review.

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